Val d’Otro, frazione Follu

The Rifugio Zar Senni, situated in the splendid valley of Otro is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire Alpine arc as well as being the ideal base for numerous hikes and mountain walks. “Zar Senni” offers you the chance of staying in a restructured Walser lodge. The lodge has 4 double bedrooms and a bedroom which sleeps 6 with communal toilets and showers. The lodge’s restaurant offers genuine cuisine and delicious snacks to passing mountain climbers.

Winter opening December 25th and January 5th. Openings on call for the month of February.

Open every weekend from March 9th to April 19th 2019

From 20 April to 1 May open every day

From May 2nd open weekends until June 15th


Booking is appreciated, call us!
If you wish to stay overnight, the half-board price is € 55.00 / 60.00 excluding drinks.


Web: https://www.alagna.it/booking/rifugio-zar-senni/
Ph +39 0163922952
Mobile +39 3770859941
Email: zarsenni@libero.it
Address: Val d’Otro fraz. Follu- 1664 m. – Alagna