The mountain bike in the Aosta valley becomes “Aosta Valley MTP Challenge”

It was made official last night by the Regional Committee at the presentation of the 2019 Regional Races Calendar. From this year the Aosta Valley has a prestigious mountain bike circuit.
It starts on June the 9th in front of the only entirely Italian 4000 of the Alps, the Gran Paradiso with the 19th Edition of Granparadiso Bike of Cogne. The second leg of the tour takes us to the upper valley, to La Salle, in front of his majesty the Mont Blanc, where the Courmayeur veloclub organizes the first edition of the Tour Des Salasses, Sunday 14th July 2019.
Third and final round of the Challenge will be instead at the foot of the second giant of the Alps, Monte Rosa, with the Monterosa Prestige in the Classic path (the marathon that remains outside the circuit).
In short, a succession of beautiful routes in front of the highest massifs in the Alps, all for only € 100.00 until May 15th! What do you think?
Registration must be done online through the dedicated procedure on the portals of the three races.
From May, the 16th, 2019 to the Friday before the first round of the circuit, Granparadisobike, online registration will have the cost of € 120.00 (instead of € 135.00 which would be the value for registrations to individual races). Those who have already registered for 2 of the three races may, until the 15th of May 2019, register for the third competition using the reduced fee of the circuit. In the latter case, the request must be made to the organizer of the single competition by showing the registration to the other competitions. Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of June it will still be possible to register for the circuit directly at the Granparadisobike registration table in Cogne for € 130.00.
The circuit will award the top three winners of all admitted categories: (Rules & Regulations).
So, tell your friends, get ready, a great extreme adventure on two wheels in Aosta Valley is about to begin!