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The Gressoney Valley is an authentic paradise on a human scale, a rural oasis set in an area to be discovered in its natural beauty and through the testimonies of a surprising culture.

We are located at the foot of Monte Rosa, the largest mountain massif in the Alps, in a developed tourist area in which our valley stands out for its low environmental impact.

We offer a different kind of tourist experience, immersed in nature, in close contact with a thousand-year-old local culture, capable of attracting tourists interested in values such as peace, relaxation, nature and culture. An alternative tourist offer to that of the large resorts, based on the valorisation of the traditional resources that are still maintained in the area, preserving their own distinctive features.

When you visit the Gressoney Valley in winter, you will be able to experience the fun of an international ski resort, with more than 100 km of pistes in the Monterosa Ski area, covering three different valleys in two different Alpine regions. The winter attractions don’t end here: ski mountaineering with dedicated routes, fun slope, freeride with dedicated pistes, snowpark for children, cross-country trails and much more… in short, everything you need to enjoy a truly unforgettable skiing holiday.

In summer, when you visit the Gressoney Valley, you can enjoy unique panoramas, a luxuriant nature that will exalt your senses, projecting you into a magical adventure made up of excursions, mountain biking and ebiking, climbing, mountaineering with more than 10 peaks over 4,000 metres that can also be reached in one day, yoga, wellness, golf and many other outdoor activities.

To complete this idyll with nature you will also find a surprising local culture: this is the land of the Walser, a population of Germanic origin who settled in our valley from the 12th century, bringing with them a love of nature and a great welcoming spirit. Our dialect, traditional clothing, architecture and great culinary tradition will leave you pleasantly surprised and make you feel once again immersed in a magical Alpine fairy tale.

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