Champorcher Valley

Turbulent torrents, exquisite castles, soft snow, expressive alpine meadows,  coarse hemp, stone bridges, aromatic honey, walking in snowshoes in the moonlight, dark red rhododendrons, legendary wolves, genuine cheeses, majestic eagles, solitary oratories, audacious ski mountaineering, silence, fields in bloom, old villages, panoramic summits, spiritual sanctuaries, crystalline lakes, sweet marmots, welcoming mountain refuges, bright sunlight, full grown rye, painted cradles, abundant fish, shy fallow deer, excellent dishes, rustic black bread, unforgettable excursions, fairytale cascades, adventurous kayaking, immortal raccards, noble stags, nourishing potatoes, powdery free riding, mystical processions, mysterious canyons, golden dandelions, impressive steinbocks, juicy blueberries, starry skies, placid cattle, relaxing cross country skiing, aromatic génépy, uncontaminated nature parks. Medieval towers, undiscovered mountains, juicy raspberries, agile chamois, fun downhill ski mountaineering, centuries old chestnut trees, arduous looms …


Come and discover everything and much, much more in the wild Champorcher Valley!

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