Tempo Libero

Mountain sports, all year round!

Tempo Libero is the place where to find the right equipment to practice any sport on Monte Rosa. If you are planning an adventure of mountaineering, skiing, ski mountaineering, trekking, running, biking or e-biking, you will find here everything you need.

The choice is wide and the items you choose can reach you in one of the three stores located in Borgosesia, Scopa and All’Alpe di Mera.

This makes it an excellent choice if you need to rent a MTB or an E-MTB to discover the Cyclopedonal Paths of Valsesia. According to the route you choose, along the valley or at altitude, you can pick up your booked vehicle at the most comfortable starting point.

Tempo Libero is located in Scopa along the SP 299 road, while at Alpe di Mera you will find it along the central street of the village, shortly after the Pro Loco di Mera and the Mera Valsesia Ski School. Reservations are always recommended, and are necessary if you want to collect your equipment in Mera.


Info and reservations:

Web: www.tempoliberosport.it
E-mail: info@tempoliberosport.it
Ph. +39 016372985