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Tour des Six

Val d’Ayas - Champoluc - Valle di Gressoney - Gressoney La Trinité - Gressoney Saint Jean

A 3, 4 or 7-day trekking tour around the mountains of the Aosta Valley, crossing the valleys of Valtournenche, Ayas and Gressoney. The owners of 6 Aosta Valley huts have joined forces to create a new and original hiking tour...

Rates from: 161€

Monterosa Randò

Val d’Ayas

Monterosa Randò is an amazing itinerary that, starting from Verrès, arrives at the foot of Monte Rosa. Monterosa Randò proposes different routes and the trekking can last 8, 6, 4 or 3 days. Since it is a self-guided tour, you...

Rates from: 231€

The Paths of Lys

Lillianes - Fontainemore - Perloz - Pont-Saint-Martin - Valle di Gressoney - Gaby - Gressoney La Trinité - Gressoney Saint Jean - Issime

Gressoney Valley – also known as Lys Valley from the name of the river that flows along it – is the longest valley of the Region. In about 30 km you can admire the wineyards in Donnas and arrive to...

Rates from: 325€

Graines de Culture

Bard - Perloz - Pont-Saint-Martin - Valle di Champorcher - Valle di Gressoney

“Graines de Culture” is a package created to let you know the medieval villages, walk along the Roman road and tell you the story of the Roman Bridge that becomes the protagonist of the spectacular historical carnival of Pont-Saint-Martin, walk...

Mountain and nature at km 0

Valle di Gressoney - Gressoney La Trinité - Gressoney Saint Jean

To discover the mountains, come into contact with unspoiled nature, in open spaces without worries. With this package you can spend a few days in our beautiful Gressoney valley, you will have included a walk accompanied by a Nature Guide...

Rates from: 264€

Alta Valsesia trekking


Alta Valsesia trekking is our proposal for a weekend in harmony with nature. Cultivate and building in a hostile land, searching personal freedom, was the combination of centuries of life of the populations Walser. Meet their culture and learn their...

Rates from: 180€

Walser valleys of Monte Rosa trekking


Walser valleys at the South of Monte Rosa is a trekking touching three important colonies strongly linked: Alagna, Rima and Macugnaga. Ancient paths witness centuries of history of emigration and lead to discover the culture of medieval villages of the...

Rates from: 480€


Val d’Ayas

There are many activities that can be done in Val d’Ayas, for every taste and of varying difficulty. In the valleys there are paths that cross green meadows and dense woods and offer glimpses of ancient Walser villages and charming...

Rafting Val d’Ayas (Rafting Adventure Arnad)

Val d’Ayas

Rafting is a group activity that involves 100%. The right discipline to share adrenaline and fun, respecting collaboration and mutual help to be able to navigate together. And why not do it surrounded by the wonderful panorama of the Val...

Rates from: 225€

Climbing with Champoluc Alpine Guides

Val d’Ayas

Explore the Monte Rosa valley from another point of view! Have you always dreamed of being able to climb a cliff but have you not had time, possibilities, equipment and safety? The Alpine Guides of Champoluc are here to help...

Rates from: 429€