Trekking in Val d’Ayas with Alpine Guides

Come and discover the most suggestive peaks of Monte Rosa! We offer several itineraries suitable for all difficulties to admire the most beautiful panoramas of the Val d’Ayas in complete safety thanks to the experience and professionalism of the Champoluc Alpine Guides. Choose the most suitable itinerary for you!

Difficult: Departure at 8.15 am. There are sections of the equipped path and more than 1000 meters in altitude. Minimum 12 years. Maximum number of participants: 5. For more information, contact the Alpine Guides office.

  • Quintino Sella refuge between the Ayas and Gressoney valleys 3585m
  • Guide di Ayas refuge in the Verra valley 3420m
  • Testa Grigia and the Cuneaz valley 3315m
  • Corno Boussolaz and Rifugio Arp in Palasinaz 3020m
  • Lago di Tzere / Gran Lago in the Cime Bianche valley 2800m
  • Grand Tournalin refuge and Becca Trecare / Petit Tournalin in the Val di Nana 3200m
  • Traversata delle Creste: Col Portolaz to Col Pillonet.
    * Uphill path up to 2600m, 2.5 km equipped ridge, descent on the path.
    * Maximum 3 participants.


Medium: Departure 9 am. Minimum 9 years. There are some stretches of equipped path, the tour does not present particular technical difficulties. For more information contact the Alpine Guides office. Maximum number: 10

  • Grand Tournalin refuge in the Val di Nana 2600m
  • Colle del Rothorn between the valleys of Ayas and Gressoney 2700m
  • Colle Pinter in the Cuneaz valley 2770m
  • Lakes of Estoul in Palasinaz 2600m


Easy: Departure 9 am. Minimum 7 years. Maximum number: 15.

  • Ru Courthod Tunnel Ring from Barmasc to Extrepieraz (about 6km)
  • Ring of Pian di Tzere and Pian di Verra (3km)
  • Annello Lake Contenery and Soussun (5,5km)


Cost € 280 VAT included.
* Additional costs: lifts / off-road taxi, lunch.

TREKKING PACKAGE: choose which days to carry out the activities when booking the stay (not necessarily consecutive days):

  • 1 day: € 280.00
  • 2 days: € 550.00
  • 3 days: € 820.00
  • 4 days: € 1080.00
  • 5 days: € 1350.00


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