We present the newborn Mullero Competition ski slope in Alagna

That’s right, a new track will be available this winter to skiers in the Piedmontese part of the Monterosa Ski area!

By taking the Bocchetta chairlift, which leads to one of the most spectacular views on the south face of Monte Rosa, you can ski on the new black Mullero Competition track.

Don’t be frightened by its name, this is certainly an electrifying and adrenaline-fueled one, and national and international homologation practices are in progress up to the Super G, but it can be enjoyed by all expert skiers!

We want to give you some data, a bit technical, but certainly interesting to better understand this newcomer.
The track starts at an altitude of 2.310 m. and ends at 1.950 m., develops for a length of 1.501 m. and covers a height difference of 360 m.
Its average width is 40 m, for a total of 51.700 m2 of skiable surface.
The track is served by 24 snow generators.

We got you curious, right? You can’t miss this news!