The Walser Huts of Val d’Otro in Alagna Valsesia in a FAI project!

The cultural association Unione Alagnese and FAI (Italian Environment Fund) will work together on the requalification of the Scarpia huts. The project will restore splendor to these masterpieces of architecture, history and culture.

Integral in their Walser architecture of the seventeenth century, the Daverio huts in Val d’Otro are a heritage to be protected and enhanced. They are a direct testimony of the culture that characterizes the history and unique and exceptional identity of this area. Thanks to the agreement with FAI, they will be restored and recovered in their historical and traditional functions, and will become the site of a tangible and accessible story for everyone focused on the millennial civilization that populated these valleys.

The spaces will be rearranged with furnishings and objects that will testify and reflect daily life, culture and tradition, to offer the public the experience of an unprecedented, engaging and instructive visit, in a typical high altitude Walser hut. The huts will once again become a living, inhabited and productive place. With an eye to tradition but in terms of contemporary sustainability, agriculture and breeding will also return, which the Walsers were able to combine in a harmonious balance between man, nature and landscape.

FAI’s commitment to Alagna is part of a new long-term venture: the Alpe Project. Italy above 600 meters, an awareness and action campaign that will lead the Foundation to intervene in particular on assets located in the high lands of the internal areas of the country. These lands today suffer from a demographic, social and economic crisis, but keep intact a historical capital which concerns culture and landscape, and above all humanity. What is fundamental for the future of Italy.

And Alagna with its Walser heritage represented by these houses could only be part of the project, which seems closely connected to the will of the donor. Just like Eng. Daverio in fact, the spirit is conservation for the future, education and love for our past.

The agreement with FAI therefore could not be happier!