The big sporting events in Valsesia: Giro d’Italia in Mera and Monte Rosa Skymarathon in Alagna

We’re going to live a beginning of the 2021 summer season in the name of great sport, as Valsesia will host two big international events.

We tell you first about Giro d’Italia, which will arrive at Alpe di Mera on Friday 28 May. Stage 19 will start from Abbiategrasso, and will cover 176 km and 3,400 meters in altitude up to our Valsesia, passing through the nearby Novara area, Mottarone, lakes Orta and Maggiore, and entering the valley in the splendid Varallo. Three days of outdoor events in Mera are planned, you’ll find all the details in the next weeks!

In the meantime, if you want to know stage number 19, you can do it here.

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Saturday 19 June, the highest skymarathon in Europe sets in Alagna!

A competition now famous in the world of skyrunning, which knows how to attract the best athletes from many countries in Europe and beyond. Also for this edition the possibilities to compete will actually be two.

Monte Rosa Skymarathon is a two-person race, covering 35 km and a total of 7.000 meters in altitude. “The route follows the original route made for the first time in 1993, from Alagna Valsesia, 1.192 m, to Indren Station 3.260 m, passing by Bocchetta delle Pisse 2.396 m. Continue towards the Gnifetti Hut 3.647 m, Colle del Lys 4.250 m , up to Capanna Margherita 4.554 m, with return by the same itinerary. It develops between climbs and descents, on trails, ski slopes and on glaciers for a total of 35 km and 3.490m in a single climb. “

AMA VK2 is instead an individual race, which covers 9 km and 2,086 m of elevation gain. “The route starts from Alagna Valsesia, 1.192 m, passing from Bocchetta delle Pisse 2.396 m, to Indren Station 3.260m, for a total length of 9 km and 2.086m of elevation gain. It takes place on mountain trails with challenging uphill stretches with snowy stretches, exposed stretches, steep pastures and stony ground, in severe weather and environmental conditions, reaching an altitude of 3.260m.”

“To participate, athletes must have excellent physical preparation, experience at high altitudes, knowledge of the pitfalls of the terrain and the ability to manage any unexpected events, strong winds and sub-zero temperatures. Respect for the environment and solidarity between competitors are also among the main requirements required in this high-altitude race.”

Find the history, information, images and videos of previous editions on the official website.