Stars in the kitchen – Champoluc

A series of three unmissable gourmet events await you this winter 2019/2020 in Champoluc in Val d’Ayas!

7th december 2019 with Chef Igles Corelli: “Hunting and Fishing” theme;

21st january 2020 with Chef Marco Cahssai: “Earth and Forest” theme;

27th february 2020 with Chef Giuseppe Mancino: “South Sea and North Sea” theme.

First appointment: Hunting and fishing with Igles Corelli

Saturday 7th December CampZero reopens with a party of excellence between Champagne, Barolo and especially the kitchen of Igles Corelli, special guest at the Summit Restaurant where he will meet the kitchen with resident Luca Gubelli.

Theme of the evening: hunting and fishing.

It starts at 18.30 at the Boulder Bar, just included in the Gambero Rosso guide “The best cocktail bars in Italy”, where Emanuele D’Amico will propose to the glass “le brand de la maison” Champagne Bruno Paillard in the Premiere Cuvèe Brut, Rosé versions and Blanc de Blanc with the presence of the brand ambassador Tommy Monari and the AIS delegate of the Aosta Valley Alberto J. Levi.

At the Summit Restaurant from 8.00 pm the dinner event will begin with a welcome aperitif at our champagnerie, sipping a vintage by Bruno Paillard and getting to know the chefs, at the table 4 dishes will be served in sequence created for the evening by IGLES and Luca with the wines of Mongioia, innovative producer of the Asti area and @Marco Parusso of Monforte d’Alba, a revolutionary Piedmontese company. Evening followed by the wisdom of the maitre sommelier of campZero Igor Vendemia.

Dinner price: € 130.00 per person, drinks included

Info & reservations: Camp Zero Phone: +39 0125 938300 E-mail:

Igles Corelli and the circular kitchen

As it happens in nature, nothing is neglected, thrown away, everything is transformed, through specialized and successive processes, into a multitude of other products. The whole process is cyclical, circular, from a complex entity, through successive transformations, we pass to a simplification that is nothing but the starting point of new, more complex entities. The motion is circular, perpetual, which can evolve over time, taking different directions, while still remaining circular.

Luca GubelliI – Executive Chef CampZero

Simplicity becomes the rule of the basic ingredients – four maximum five per dish – of a complex kitchen in its elaboration, which focuses on regional dishes with classic roots and contaminates them with influences of international flavors to create new and harmonious combinations.