Monterosa Ski openings from December 6th 2019

It was many years that in Monterosa Ski, it was not possible to open the whole area at this date.
Well this year, thanks to the latest abundant snowfalls, will be remembered as the year of “All lifts and slopes open for Sant’Ambrogio holiday”.

Even the small ski stations of the Monterosa Ski Group are preparing for the great start of the season thanks to the exceptional snow conditions.
Ski lifts in Antagnod, Brusson and Gressoney-Saint-Jean will open on December 7th and 8th, 14th and 15th and will remain open every day from December 21st to March 15th 2020. Lifts in Champorcher will open on December 7th and 8th, 14th and 15th and will remain open every day from December 21st to March 22nd 2020.
In Alpe di Mera lifts will operate during the weekends of December 6th, 7th and 8th, 14th and 15th 2019 and, no stop from December 20th to March 29th.

All the lifts and slopes of the main Monterosa Ski area (Champoluc-Frachey, Gressoney-La-Trinité and Alagna) will be open connections included.
For all off-piste lovers the Funifor Passo dei Salati-Punta Indren and the freeride areas will be regularly open, with amazing snow conditions and three meters of fresh snow .
Bettaforca Fun Slope in Gressoney will be partially open and in Valsesia the only slope Pianalunga-Alagna and the Wold area will remain closed.
The price for the Monterosa Ski day pass will be € 48.00, while the Monterosa Freeride Paradise day ticket with access to the freeride zone will be sold for € 50.00.

In Val d’Ayas all lifts and solpes in Brusson will be open, while in the Antagnod at the moment the Vascotcha, Vascotcha variant and Fontaney slopes will be closed. The cost of the day ski pass will be € 28.00.

In Gressoney-Saint-Jean, in the Lys Valley, the detail of the openings will be as follows:
27 Weissmatten chairlift
28 Ronken ski lift
29 Weissmatten treadmill 1 and 2
W1 Larici
W3 Leonardo david S.G.
W6 Baby Ronken
W7 Baby Sonne
W8 Skiweg connection
The cost of the daily ski pass will be € 24.00.

In Champorcher, we have over two and a half meters of snow at high altitude, all lifts and slopes will be open except for the two black runs Gran Comba Var. 1 and Bosco Var. 3.
The price of the day ski pass will be € 32.00, while the Champorcher Expert day ticket using the Madeleine ski lift will cost € 34.00.

At Alpe di Mera, in Valsesia, all the lifts and slopes will be open except for the slopes Mera-Scopello, Trogo and Scoiattolo.
The day skipass for Friday 6th December will be € 25.00, while for Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December will be € 35.00.

For all lovers of ski mountaineering, the Colle Betta and Passo dei Salati tracks will open in the Gressoney Valley, Colle Bettaforca in Val d’Ayas and Cimetta Rossa in the Champorcher Valley. The Ski Alp day ticket will purchased for € 10.00.

We remind you that you can find all the information regarding your favorite ski area on the official website in the MONTEROSA SKI section.

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