Monterosa Ski
Winter Season 2021/2022

We give value to your time.

This is the main purpose of the new Monterosa Ski development project.
We’re conscious that the pandemic played a huge role in changing habits and behaviours, that’s the reason why Monterosa Ski choosed to start the new skiing season by adapting the fruition of the ski area to this new general context. By investing in new technlogies, Monterosa Ski aims to offer its skiers a high quality experience.

The main news of the season 2021/2022


In order to avoid any critical situation, Monterosa Ski introduces the access regulation. The number of skiers who can access the ski area is adapted to the new  capacity of the lifts that from the villages runs to the slopes.

Which are the benefits: more quality, more safety, less queues.
Overall, this choice will improve the ski experience with a reduction of the risk of accident and less queues in the crucial points of the ski area.


For limiting any gathering at the ticket office, Monterosa Ski improves its webshop and adopts the dynamic pricing for its daily and several-day skipasses.

Which are the beneftis: the earlier you buy, the more you save.
A brand new system that aims to promote the online purchase by offering the best price available. The earlier you buy, the more you save. Consider that you can buy your skipass with a 27% reduction on the maximum price of the seasonality. At any time, the online price will be more convenient than the one applied at the ticket office.


The season pass are availble for the coming season and grant interesting benefits.

Which are the benefits of the season pass: access always guaranteed.
If you are interested in buy a season pass, have a look at our different proposals on


If you experience any difficulty during your purchase, please call our support at +390125303111.


For limiting any risk during every momento of your skiing experience, Monterosa Ski adopts all the necessary security measures to ensure your safety.

All the necessary measures for granting the distance between people.
All our gondolas, funiculars and cableways are kept aereted.
In all the common areas you can find free sanitizing gel for your hands.
Our supervisory to ensure that all the common rules for the prevention of the infection are respected.
The verification of the green pass for skiers who use lifts with a cabin.


During the season will be installed new gates with bluetooth reader at each lift. After an experimental stage, this new way of accessing the ski area will be extended to all skiers. In the next seasons it will be possible to use your smartphone as a skipass.

Which are the benefits: the comfort of having the skipass on your smartphone. 
After the experimental stage, you will be allowed to buy online your skipass and charge it on your smartphone. You will not need the skipass card anymore!