Gressoney food and wine

Imagine you have been on a long walk, perhaps in the cold and snow; you are hungry and can’t wait to sit down to a meal to warm up and fill your stomach with a hearty local dish.

Gressoney offers a wide range of local cuisine, full of delicacies derived from the Walser tradition.

Among the first courses, you can enjoy a plate of Chnéffléné, the typical batter morsels with fondue, cream and speck, or Chnolle, small dumplings made of corn flour and wheat in pork broth. 

The queen of the kitchen must also be on the table: the Toma di Gressoney, the local cheese with the PDO mark with its unique taste, which gives that extra touch to make your moments of conviviality memorable. Whether eaten directly or as a side dish, it is a paradise for the taste buds.

To round off lunch or dinner, among the desserts we recommend you try the Pòmpernòsslené, rectangles of thin dough fried and flavoured with grappa.

Regional wines will accompany your meal, from a dry and velvety red wine like Donnas to a strong one like Enfer d’Arvier, to a dry and supple white wine like Nus Malvoisie or the full-bodied Chambave Muscat.

Do you have a passion for cooking and want to amaze everyone by trying your hand at reproducing Walser recipes? No problem!

The Walser Cultural Centre offers some local recipes such as Chnéffléné and Pòmpernòsslené. You can find out more on the Walser Kulturzentrum website.

Want even more? The book “Food culture in Gressoney” is available, also online. You will discover the recipes, the background to their creation and the culinary habits of the past.