Dinners at high altitude in Alagna

Watching the Valsesia at night from above, under a sky full of stars, in the silence of the snow is truly magical!

And if you add the taste of the dishes prepared according to tradition by the skilled hands of the chefs and the warm atmosphere of a ski lodge, the proposal becomes unique!

The new calendar began December 7th 2019, and will continue every Saturday from December 28th to March 28th with an additional date for New Year’s Eve, December 31st, when the working time of the lift will be extended for the celebrations.

To book you can directly contact the restaurants, which will be able to give you availability and directions for your dinner.

The cable car from Alagna will transport you at high altitude, with a service dedicated exclusively to pedestrians, at 7.00 pm and will take you back to the town at 10.30 pm.

For the evening of 31st December 2019 the time of uphill and downhill races will be 7.30 pm and 1.00 am.

Will you be there?