Dinner at the refuge? The pleasure of a little adventure in Val d’Ayas!

With implants, with the cat, with the snowmobile or with snowshoes.

If you come on holiday in Val d’Ayas you can’t leave without having experienced an altitude dinner in a shelter, restaurant, chalet or hotel on the slopes.

The evening openings of the Champoluc-Crest Gondola allow you to dine on the slopes in various places, some directly at the arrival of the Cableway, others reachable with short stretches on foot or with the snowcat:

Vieux Crest refuge (1.938m) in the old Walser del Crest village – tel. +39 0125 307983 – info@refugevieuxcrest.com – reachable by cableway plus 5 minutes on foot.
Ristorante Tavola Calda Crest – tel. +39 334 2293793 – lespleiades1@virgilio.it – ​​accessible by cableway
Edelweiss restaurant – tel. +39 340 0692398 – edelweiss.ayas1@hotmail.it – ​​reachable by cableway
Créforné restaurant – tel. +39 0125 307197 – creforne@champoluc.it – ​​reachable by cableway car plus 10 minutes on foot
Frantze Restaurant Le Rascard – tel. +39 0125 941065 – info@frantze.it – ​​www.frantze.it – ​​reachable by cableway plus 15 minutes on foot or by snowmobile (€ 5,00 per person round trip)
L’Aroula Restaurant – tel. +39 347 0188095 – +39 349 3611242 – aroula.cuneaz@gmail.com – reachable by cableway plus 20 minutes on foot or with the Monterosa Ski snowcat
Stadel Soussun Restaurant – tel. +39 348 6527222 – info@stadelsoussun.com – reachable by cableway and then by snowcat (private)
Baita Belvedere – tel. +39 392 5708015 – +39 349 4915130 – giacomo.devoto@gmail.comwww.rifugiobelvedere.it – ​​reachable by cableway and then with the Monterosa Ski snowcat or snowmobile
Novez Restaurant – tel. +39 349 2279800 – info@novez.it – ​​reachable by cableway, plus 10 minutes on foot (or by snowmobile upon reservation)
In Mascognaz, a splendid village at 1,822 meters above sea level, you can dine at the Lo Pejo restaurant (tel. +39 338 7295708) which can be reached in an hour on foot with snowshoes but also with off-road or snowmobile (private).

Those who prefer movement and do not want to use mechanical means can dine at the Ferraro Refuge, at an altitude of 2.000 meters in the small village of Resy (tel. +39 0125 307612 – +39 328 3285050 – info@rifugioferraro.it) reachable in a now walk with snowshoes.

Once you arrive, all you have to do is remove your boots, gloves, jacket and hat and sit at the table wrapped in the warmth of the fireplace and embraced by the magic of the Monte Rosa night. Enjoy your meal!