Chal-Land Art in Val d’Ayas

Inaugurated in the summer of 2019, the eco path between the Lake of Villa and Col d’Arlaz has transformed a stretch of Monte Rosa Randò Trekking into an open-air Land Art gallery.

Land Art is an artistic movement that operates on the natural or man-made landscape, manipulating and transforming it in various ways. The territory, the mountain, the forest or any other space offered by the planet can become or host a work of art.
In the case of the Val d’Ayas, the 14 works of art are immersed in the forest along the natural reserve of the Lake of Villa along the path n ° 11.

Autumn is the best season to make the path and be enveloped by the magic of the forest and admire the stupendous works realized with th elements of the wood.

Challand-Saint-Victor is a small town in the lower part of the Val d’Ayas, easily reachable by all means of transport: by car via the a5 motorway to the Verres exit, then follow the sr45 of the Val d’Ayas for 10 minutes to Villa and follow the signs for the Lake of Villa and Challand Art.

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