Monterosa Ski


The prices of daily, morning, afternoon and several-day skipasses for the Monterosa Ski 3 Valleys are dynamic. The calculation basis is always the daily skipass, for which have been identified 3 seasonality with a price that swings from € 38,00 to € 60,00. From early November it will be possible to buy ski passes online and the higher the advance in purchase, the greater the savings.

In our satellite ski resorts the daily and several-day passes have a fix rate, instead. All prices are already available at

The online shop is available at


All types of ski pass are loaded on a magnetic support purchased at a cost of € 2,00.
This keycard allows skiers to ski “hands free” and the chip inside allows you to open automatically the control gates of the various lifts.

Recognized at all Aosta Valley stations, the keycard is valid for many years, can be recharged with the ski pass that you want to buy from time to time at the ticket offices or online via webshop ( In the latter case the option to be selected will be “I will bring my card”.

This special card also gives skiers the opportunity to consult the statistics of their ski days through the service of “ski performance” (

It is recommended not to damage the support by folding or piercing it, but simply by storing it in the jacket pocket away from magnetic devices such as mobile phones or credit cards.

Which are the beneftis: the earlier you buy, the more you save.
A brand new system that aims to promote the online purchase by offering the best price available. The earlier you buy, the more you save. Consider that you can buy your skipass with a 27% reduction on the maximum price of the seasonality. At any time, the online price will be more convenient than the one applied at the ticket office. The online purchase of the ski pass will always cost € 5,00 less than the one made at the ticket office.

What price ranges apply.
For each season the price of the day will vary between the following minimum and maximum ranges:
Low season: from € 38,00 to € 52,00;
Mid season: from € 44,00 to € 56,00;
High season: from € 50,00 to € 60,00


If you experience any difficulty during your purchase, please call our support at +39 0125/303111.