Grandparents’ games

Grandparents’ games represent an important moment of aggregation for adults and kids, very intense, full of positive stimuli, rediscovering and dealing with the game important topics like environment, simplicity and tradition.
Lets childrens know how their grandparents played, show to them how is possible to have fun with simple objects, how fantasy and need had offered possibility to have fun by incouraging the recoursefulness and light heartedness.
Games will be in *Pian Villy in Champoluc*.

Ludic-cultural free Path of popular tradition wooden toys, handcrafted, a faithful reproduction of the games of our forefathers from 10 am to 6 pm.

Market of curiosity with stalls of artistic craftsmanship, creative ingenuity and collecting from 8 am to 7 pm.


Event period from 14 Aug 2022 to 14 Aug 2022

Event days from 14 Aug 2022 to 14 Aug 2022


Place Pian de Villy


Organizer Associazione Mercatini e Curiosità

Phone (+39) 335.297842