Enrolments and rules



Night ski mountaineering race in teams of two

IX Edition

Friday, March 8th 2019 at 6.00 pm


Classic technique two person race.
The race will take place on Friday, March 8th 2019 at 6.00 pm and start / finish in Gressoney-La-Trinité, Località Edelboden (departure of Punta Jolanda chairlift).
Men’s (one category).
Women’s (one category).
Rankings will be decided on the basis of the time required by the two athletes to complete the route; both members of the team must proceed to the finishing line together otherwise a penalty will be incurred.
The following rankings have been defined:
Men’s absolute ranking.
Women’s absolute ranking.
Prizes – to be update
Men’s absolute
1st ranked team €2.000,00 will be announced later
2nd ranked team €1.000,00 will be announced later
3rd ranked team €500,00 will be announced later
4th ranked team €300,00 will be announced later
5th ranked team €200,00 will be announced later
Women’s absolute
1st ranked team €1.000,00 will be announced later
2nd ranked team €500,00 will be announced later
3rd ranked team €250,00 will be announced later
4th ranked team €150,00 will be announced later
5th ranked team €100,00 will be announced later
In addition to the cash prizes, every athlete in the 5 ranked teams will receive a hamper of typical Aosta Valley products.
Prize giving will take place during dinner in the multipurpose hall of Gressoney-La-Trinité municipality in località Edelboden, departure of Punta Jolanda chairlift.


Route description

Height (metres)
Distance (km)
Gressoney-La-Trinité – Chairlift P.Jolanda
Slopes Moos/Alpe Ricka crossing
check point

check point

Pista Nera
Check point

Check point/Refreshment

Colle Bettaforca
check point/refreshment -time gate 2h30 minutes after departure
Alpe Ciarcerio

Check point/Refreshment

Mont Ross

Check point/Refreshment

Alpe Forca

Check point

Lago Ciarcerio

Check point

Colle Bettaforca

Check point


Check point

Slopes Moos/Alpe Ricka crossing
Chek point
Gressoney-La-Trinité – Chairlift P.Jolanda

Positive height difference 2.800
Negative height difference 2.800

Technical briefing
This is to be held at the multipurpose hall of Gressoney-La-Trinité, località Edelboden, at the depature of the chairlift Punta Jolanda and at 4.45pm the race director will inform about any change of timing or route, the weather conditions, the route conditions and about the compulsory gears. .

Refreshment points
There will be 4 refreshment points in the race at the sites shown in the route description. Hot tea and water will be available in these refreshment points.
Route signs
Small, green flags for the ascent (external right hand side), red for the descent (ground mounted on slope) and yellow for the stretches on foot with inserted reflectors; flares and arrows near to the most demanding direction changes along the descent.
Changes, suspension, cancellation
In the event of conditions deemed dangerous to the athletes or organisers, the race route may be changed or the entire race suspended or even cancelled. In case of cancellation, the enrolment fee will not be refunded.
Time checkpoints
Passage through the Colle Bettaforca Pass to be within 2 hrs. 30 minutes from the start line.
Every athlete is aware and directly responsible for all the equipment he/she uses during the race. When enrolling, the athlete guarantees the technical effectiveness of his/her equipment, with no changes apart from those authorised by the manufacturer.
In the event of equipment breakages, replacement is allowed during the first metres from the start line in areas cordoned off by the organisation. When moving along the route replacements are only permitted at the checkpoints. The organisation will not supply spare equipment to the athletes.
Checks on equipment will be carried out by members belonging to the organisation at the end of the race in the closed-off area in the arrival zone. Functioning checks by ARTVA and bib checks are compulsory to access the starting line area; these will be carried out by members belonging to the organisation.
Individual equipment
– A pair of Ski Mountaineering skis
Minimum length 160 cm. (measured from the end points along the entire surface length) for the men’s category and 150 cm for the women’s category fitted with metal blades over at least 90% of their length, limited sidecut, 80 mm tip, 60 mm middle ski width, 70 mm end point. The measurements stated by the manufacturer are deemed correct. The manufacturer assumes full responsibility for these measurements.
– A pair of Ski Mountaineering boots
Boots must not be altered, they must be high enough to cover the ankles and ready for fast and secure crampon hooking/strapping. In addition they must be fitted with shell and cuff fastening devices and have flex blocking between the cuff and shell. All types of elastic bindings and adhesive tapes are not permitted. All ski mountaineering ski boot fastening systems and soles sold on the market by manufacturers are deemed to comply with the rules unless they have been altered.
Minimum requirements:
The minimum exterior surfaces of the notches that come into contact with the ground is 1 cm
the soles must be made in Vibram or similar type rubber material;
The sole of each boot must be notched and cover at least 75% of the surface;
the minimum number of notches per ski boot is 23 of which 15 must be in the front part and 8 in the heel part;
The minimum height of the notches is 4 mm.
– A pair of bindings
Ski mountaineering bindings must be used. They must be able to lock the boot at the back and front. Front and side unlocking is essential on the back part. The front part of the binding must have a lock and unlock position. Boots and bindings must be adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions so as to guarantee proper functioning of the unlocking systems. Mixed bindings (back part by one manufacturer and front part by a different manufacturer) are prohibited.
– A pair of ski poles
Poles with metal ski baskets are forbidden
– A 180 x 200 cm thermal sheet
– An ARTVA in compliance with International Standards EN 300718 457 kHz
This must be transmitting throughout the race and is worn above the first layer of underwear, underneath the ski suit or in the pocket of the ski mountaineering suit. The transmitter alone is prohibited.
– A snow shovel with handle
The shovel complete with scoop must have a lenght of min. 50 cm and the scoop must be at least 20x20cm.
– A snow probe
The snow probe must measure at least 240cm and have a diameter of minimum 10mm.
– Crampons
Minimum 10 tips for an height of 3 cm. The must be put in the backpack tip by tip, the must not be modified and must have security laces (not elastic) well closed when used. Before the depature, the race commission will inform if it’s necessary to wear them on the walking area on the pista Nera in Gressoney. During the race the commission can change the necessity of wearing them.
– A rucksack with shoulder straps
Fitted with 2 ski holder straps and able to hold all the equipment prescribed in the rules.
– Ski skins
3 ski skins. The use and application of tape or similar materials to improve the sliding effect of the ski skins is forbidden. Ski skins must cover at least 50% of the bottom of each ski and be half the length of each ski.
– Clothing for the upper part of the body
Three layers, two with long sleeves in the competitor’s size, one of which must be windproof. Depending on weather conditions the windproof layer may be substituted by a thermal layer with the following features: windproof jacket with hood in the competitor’s size with min. 100 grams per square meter of thermal padding that guarantees minimum thermal protection equal to 2 CLO.
– Clothing for the lower part of the body
Two layers. One pair of pants or a ski suit in the competitor’s size and a pair of windproof pants in the competitor’s size. Depending on weather conditions, the wind-breaker layer may be substituted by a thermal layer with the following features: min. 60 gram per square metre of thermal padding.
– A helmet
A UIAA CE approved alpine or ski mountaineering helmet to be worn throughout the race (with a closing which is always fastened).
– Gloves
A pair must be worn during the entire race.
A spare pair of mittens.
– A cap, headband or ski suit hood.
–A pair of goggles or visor with transparent lens.
– Front light
1 lamp fixed to the helmet that is always ON and 1 spare lamp.
– Mobile phone
Must be ON throughout the race. The number must be shown on the enrolment form.
Race number and control chip
Race numbers must be fixed to the right thigh and the rucksack and must be clearly legible. Control chips must be glued to the helmet.
Distance between the athletes
The athletes must move in a team with a distance between them of no more than 20 metres.
Changing ski skins
Ski skins must be attached or removed in the cordoned off designated areas without external help. The changing areas are illuminated and cordoned off by nets that are positioned in order to restrict and impede overtaking in the changing point. During the time for changing ski skins, snow poles must be placed on the ground. Team members must leave the ski skin changing areas together.
As soon as there is an opportunity, competitors withdrawing from the race whilst still on route are obliged to go to the nearest checkpoint and communicate their withdrawal ensuring that it is recorded. In case the withdrawal is not communicated, searches will be set up as a consequence and all costs relating to these will be charged to the competitors concerned.
These must be submitted to the Jury, 15 minutes after the team has crossed the finishing line and must be pertinent, in writing and accompanied by the sum of €50,00. Every decision taken by the Jury will be final and not subject to appeal.
Collection of bibs and control chips
Bibs and control chips will be handed out together with the race packs at the multipurpose hall in Gressoney-La-Trinité, Località Edelboden, at the departure of Punta Jolanda chairlift on March 8th, 2019 from 2pm to 5pm  when medical certificates, valid for the day of the race, that testify to the suitability of competitors to participate in competitive sports together with a payment receipt are submitted.
Online on the www.visitmonterosa.com website by filling out the online form and paying by credit card. Online enrolments close on Thursday, March 7th 2019 at 6pm.
You can enter directly on the day of the race at the race office (multipurpose hall in Gressoney-La-Trinité, località Edelboden, at the departure of Punta Jolanda chairlift) at a higher charge of an additional €20,00 per team. If the enrolement has been registered online but not finalized (ie not paid), it will be possible to complete it the day of the race by the race desk with a surcharge of € 10,00 per team.
Enrolment fee
The enrolment fee is fixed at €100,00 per team and includes a race pack (guaranteed for the first 175 teams who enrol), refreshments in the arrival zone and dinner at the end of the race per athlete as well as the organisation, safety and assistance service provided during the event.
Change of athlete
You can send the form on the www.visitmonterosa.com/monterosaskialp/ website to monterosaski@visitmonterosa.com, by popping in at the Monterosa SpA front office within Thursday, March 7th 2019 at 5pm or on the day of the race to the race office (multipurpose hall of Gressoney-La-Trinité, località Edelboden, at the departure of Punta Jolanda chairlift) at an additional cost of €10,00 per athlete change.
Tel: +39 0125.303111
Fax: +39 0125.303145
E-mail: monterosaski@visitmonterosa.com
Franco Torretta: +39.348.5204336
Henri Grosjacques: +39.349.6516992
During the race the following mobile numbers can be used:
Marino Obert: +39.346.3935580
Arnoldo Welf: +39.348.3111534
For anything which has not been included in these rules, please refer to the International and National Rules.