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Mera farm to table

Scopello - Alpe di Mera - Alagna-Valsesia

Taste all the flavors of Alpe di Mera, in the menu at high altitude or to take home. The meadows of Mera in summer are pastures for the animals of Valsesia. Among them are cows, goats and sheep. This environment,...

Aperitif in Mera

Scopello - Alpe di Mera - Alagna-Valsesia

Enjoy the colors of the sunset on Monte Rosa, with a good aperitif at high altitude! Alpe di Mera in summer and winter is an excellent alternative to a city aperitif. You can choose to end a day spent at...


Valle di Gressoney

Paysage à Manger is a small mountain farm operating in the Gressoney Valley;  the cultivated products are vegetables, small fruits, unusual fruits, ancient and rare potatoes, whose seeds are recovered thanks to a precious research and selection work. Web: http://www.paysageamanger.it/...

to mountain refuges

Valle di Champorcher - Champorcher

Walk in the snow surrounded by in nature.  All your efforts will be well worth it when you dine on a dish a steaming polenta whilst sitting by the crackling flames of the fireplace or the wood stove and sipping...


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

The Nebbiolo DOCG wine from Gattinara and Ghemme, at the bottom of Valsesia, are amongst the best and most sought after Piedmont wines in the world. In addition to these robust wines which are best left to age, the territory...


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

The cow’s and goat’s Toma cheese from the alpine pastures is the most natural product you can find in Valsesia. There are many milk producers who, today, turn it into tasty, fresh and matured products. Going back up the valley...


Val d’Ayas

Ayas Km zero is a short supplier chain project aimed at enhancing local produce by offering residents and visitors to the Val d’Ayas, products which have travelled the least number of kilometres to arrive at the consumer.  Discover the numerous...


Val d’Ayas - Antagnod - Brusson - Challand Saint Anselme - Challand Saint Victor - Champoluc - Verres

Would you like to help the chefs of Monte Rosa in an event where they are challenged to a battle of tastes?  Come and see the festival which takes place in the Val d’Ayas at the beginning of September when...