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Valle di Gressoney - Gressoney La Trinité - Gressoney Saint Jean

Cliff for the more expert, with 22 single pitch routes with difficulty levels between 6 and 7. Access from Lysbalma hamlet, just before the Gressoney La Trinité tunnel. Follow the rough track and after 10 minutes, having gone over the...


Valle di Gressoney - Gressoney La Trinité - Gressoney Saint Jean

The perfect cliff for beginners and children with a panoramic view over Lake Gover. 10 single pitch routes with difficulty levels between 4+ and 6 Access from Lake Gover, take path 4a up to the Passeggiata della Regina, follow it...


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

Different to a canoe, a kayak is highly versatile. You can go kayaking anywhere with water be it a calm lake, the sea, coursing or choppy river water or stormy seas. Once you have acquired the requisite techniques to steer...


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

Jumps, slides, waterfalls and toboggan dug out of the rock by thousands of years of water erosion characterises canyoning. This is a river sport requiring certain climbing and potholing techniques such as the use of rope, snap hooks, anchors, etc....


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

This is a young sport that gives you the chance to live the river to the full, totally immersed in water and in perfect symbiosis. With the help of the floating support, a pair of fins, a strong wetsuit, helmet...


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

An exciting and highly sociable group sport. Rafting is suitable for everyone as the only things required are knowing how to swim and the desire to live in contact with nature through the element of water. Valsesia, which is probably...

Ferrata Falconera

Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

A more demanding experience in a marvellous ambience, the ferrata climbs the face of the Falconera mountain which unravels over a 400 metre stretch and a height difference of 300 metres. An exciting route for mountaineers who want to test...

Via Ferrata Cimalegna

Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

An exciting path on a fully equipped rocky ridge. The via ferrata Cimalegna can be reached with the ski lifts from Alagna. The cable car will take you up to Pianalunga, at 2.046 meters above the sea level. From here...

Boccioleto tower


This is the monolithic symbol of Valsesia. An exposed climb with maximum difficulty level Grade V on brief stretches. The summit of the tower which is over 90 metres high dominates the Valsermenza.

The white face of Mollia

Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna - Mollia

Built in two segments, one of which is high and not yet re-nailed and the other low called “La Scuola”. In spring 2014 around twenty new itineraries, with difficulty levels of between 4a and 6b¸ were equipped. The distance between...