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Nordic Walking: walk amidst nature with poles, an easy and health sport suitable for everyone.
Numerous routes to try in Monterosa either alone or with our guides to keep you fit whilst appreciating the landscape!

Our suggestions for you


Fontainemore - Valle di Gressoney

The area of Coumarial in Fontainemore is a reference point in the Lower Aosta Valley for those who love to enjoy nature away from the great influxes of tourists.  Connected to the Mont Mars Reserve it offers its visitors numerous...


Valle di Gressoney - Gaby - Gressoney La Trinité - Issime

Nordic Walking is a sports discipline open to everyone and is aimed at improving all your motor skills.  Your walks are further enhanced by unique natural environments featuring breathtaking views. Martha Beuchod, a well known national instructor, offers group and...


Val d’Ayas - Antagnod - Brusson - Challand Saint Anselme - Challand Saint Victor - Champoluc - Verres

Do you think that no other way exists for experiencing the paths of the Val d’Ayas in the summer? Well you are wrong, there is one  and it’s called Nordic Walking.  You can discover a fun and enjoyable way to...

Champorcher Dondena

Valle di Champorcher - Champorcher

A truly superb excursion with perfect slopes for Nordic Walking. The 4-kilometres of rough track which initially wind through the woods and then through the meadows of the deep valleys of Dondena are ideal for those wishing to relax and...

Champorcher Pineta

Valle di Champorcher - Champorcher

A path which can easily be reached from the town, perfect for those wishing to learn the techniques of Nordic Walking. The well-signed route unwinds around the Ayasse torrent, in a fresh pine forest ideal for those seeking totally relaxing...