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Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure Extrapieraz; Arrival Salomon. This route crosses snow covered fields and climbs through spruce woods to the Court meadow, the sentinel of the Extrapieraz village and from here you will briefly pass through a farm to reach the Salomon meadows,...


Val d’Ayas - Champoluc

Departure: Champoluc; Arrival: Barmasc. This route can also be divided into more stretches from Champoluc to Barmasc via the old mule track that once joined up the villages. Champoluc – Pilaz; Pilaz- Magnechoulaz; Magnechoulaz – Antagnod; Antagnod – Barmasc. Contact...


Val d’Ayas - Antagnod - Brusson - Challand Saint Anselme - Challand Saint Victor - Champoluc - Verres

Departure: Champoluc; Arrival Mascognaz. An easy route that will lead you through a centuries-old pine forest to the Walser village of Mascognaz from where you can admire one of the best preserved examples of Walser architecture as well as a...

to mountain refuges

Valle di Champorcher - Champorcher

Walk in the snow surrounded by in nature.  All your efforts will be well worth it when you dine on a dish a steaming polenta whilst sitting by the crackling flames of the fireplace or the wood stove and sipping...

Moonlight snowshoeing

Valle di Champorcher - Champorcher

The effervescent air and the clear skies of winter evenings together with the pure white snow dazzling in the moonlight create an almost surreal light. Immerse yourself in a wild experience:  snowshoeing, time with friends and so forth…. Your destination? ...

SNOWSHOEING – Mont Avic Park

Valle di Champorcher - Champorcher

This is a classic snowshoeing route along well signposted tracks in the Mont Avic Park.  It is not unusual to come across a white partridge taking off in the midst of a cloud of snow, seeing a golden eagle in...

SNOWSHOEING – Valle della Legna Wild Experience

Valle di Champorcher - Champorcher

A Wild Alp Experience in the solitary and wild valley of the Val dell’Alleigne is a tempting proposition for snowshoeing experts with routes that are never boring and the chance of unexpected encounters.  However, beware of wolves!!


Val d’Ayas - Antagnod - Brusson - Challand Saint Anselme - Challand Saint Victor - Champoluc - Verres

Departure: St-Jacques; Arrival: Resy Through a centuries-old pine and larch forest you will reach Resy, one of the most spectacular Walser villages in the Val d’Ayas with a beautiful view from on high of the Val d’Ayas. When you arrive...


Val d’Ayas - Antagnod - Brusson - Challand Saint Anselme - Challand Saint Victor - Champoluc - Verres

Departure: St Jacques; Arrival Blue Lake. Incomparably beautiful route that will lead you to the sides of the great Verra Glacier through a dense pine forest to the snowy large meadows of the lower Pian di Verra.  From here you...


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

The Marmotta Rosa Ski Centre consists of slopes that wind through the towns of Riva Valdobbia and Alagna Valsesia flanking the Sesia River under the spectacular southern face of the Monte Rosa. The slope is skirted by a route dedicated...