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Snowshoe in Mera

Scopello - Alpe di Mera - Alagna-Valsesia

Snowshoeing in Mera, overlooking the imposing south face of Monte Rosa, is an experience not to be missed! There are three routes available to those who want to discover the beauty of the climb and the views that can be...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure: Estoul road, Messuere bridge; Arrival: Paris. By following this route you will venture into the wild valley of Messuere through a farm nestled amidst spruce, larch and pine trees.  Proceed to the fork that will lead you through the...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure: Laghetto; Arrival: Extrapieraz Highly interesting historical and nature route.  Crossing centuries–old conifer woods up to the Napoleon mountain where legend tells that the ruler may have stopped and rested.  From here you will reach the Col di Joux and...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure: Brusson; Arrival: Arcesaz. Leaving from the Brusson town valley, you will cross large snow covered fields until you reach the bridge over the Evançon. From here go along the cross-country ski trail until you arrive at the old Ru...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure and arrival: Extrapieraz camping area. Ring route.  Follow the farm track to arrive at the snow covered meadows of Crépin where you can admire a section of the Monte Rosa Massif.  Then continue through a dense conifer wood where...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure: Brusson lake car park Arrival: Extrapieraz. Cross the large snow covered fields and the magical conifer woods to reach the hamlet of Extrapieraz. This route is suitable for beginners and children.  You can combine it with the Crépin, Salomon...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure and arrival: Estoul parking lot. Ring route in a sunny area from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Val d’Ayas that is also suitable for nocturnal walks under a sea of stars or a heavy snowfall....


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure and arrival: La Croix. Interesting ring route on the summit of Tchamousira, heart of the old gold mines of Brusson. This route crosses conifer woods where chamois, stags and roe deer live and offers a 360° degree panorama of...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure and arrival: Piazzale Colle di Joux.  Easy ring route in the magnificent spruce wood of Col di Joux. Especially suited to children and adults curious to discover the secrets and silence of the wood in winter. Contact the Alpine...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson

Departure: Vollon or La Pila; Arrival: Salomon Incredibly sunny route.  You will follow the farm track and go along snow covered stretches passing near the Fonte Ferruginosa. Then you will go through a beautiful conifer wood to easily reach Salomon....