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Come and discover the best Museums in Monterosa, from the most varied museums at the Fort of Bard to the smaller yet highly important museums featuring local traditions amongst which the hemp museum in Champorcher and the Walser Ecomuseum in Gressoney-La-Trinité without forgetting the “Beck Peccoz” Alpenfauna Museum, the Regional alpine fauna museum in Gressoney-Saint-Jean just a few steps from the Villa Margherita where for many years the Queen of Savoy spent her holiday and from which it takes its name.

Our suggestions for you

Santa Maria delle Grazie


The prologue and the synthesis of the experience at the Sacro Monte di Varallo! The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie was built between 1486 and 1493 at the behest of the Franciscan friar Bernardino Caimi. It is located just...

Sacro Monte di Varallo


Visiting Sacro Monte is an experience that must be done! It is a unique place, a UNESCO heritage site since 2003, a symbol of industriousness, devotion, and high artistic ability of the hands that gave it life, over nearly four...

Angelo Mosso Scientific Institute

Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

Angelo Mosso Scientific Institute is a historic research center at 2.901 meters above sea level. Angelo Mosso was its creator, professor of physiology at the University of Turin from 1879 to 1910. Its construction had the aim of supporting the...

Pinacoteca di Varallo


The Pinacoteca inaugurated in 1885 thanks to the efforts of the Società d’Incoraggiamento allo Studio del Disegno e per la Conservazione delle Opere d’Arte e dei Monumenti in Valsesia. The purpose is to “collect treasures everywhere scattered in the valley”. It...

Museo Calderini


The foundation in Varallo in 1867 of a Museum of Natural History is due to the valetian priest Don Pietro Calderini, with the purpose of providing students with naturalistic material schools useful for a more effective study of scientific disciplines. The...


The complex of the Fort and the Town of Bard is the most prestigious cultural centre in the Western Alps.  Thanks to the restoration of this imposing Savoy fortress and certain areas connected to it, a project based on the...


Alagna-Valsesia - Alagna

The Walser Museum in Pedemonte, the hamlet of Alagna which dates back to 1200, is a perfectly preserved hut built in 1628 and an original example of what was a Walser house over the centuries and of its use. The...


Perloz - Valle di Gressoney

The village of Chemp is a jewel housed on a rocky promontory carved out by the glaciers at the upper edges of a chestnut tree wood.  When walking you can admire its particular dwellings and the works of the artist...


Valle di Gressoney - Gressoney Saint Jean

This Church was built in 1515 on the foundations of an older chapel.  Its important features are:  the bell tower which was built before the Church and was elevated in the 18th century, there is a porch in front of...


Valle di Gressoney - Gressoney Saint Jean

Set in an elegant building, this museum is home to an historic collection of hunting trophies from all over the world and is especially interesting because of the numerous anomalies in the horns. One room hosts a collection of old...