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In Monterosa history expresses itself in the landscape with its Walser Stadel, Roman empire monuments, old castles and medieval fortifications.

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Pinacoteca di Varallo

The Pinacoteca inaugurated in 1885 thanks to the efforts of the Società d’Incoraggiamento allo Studio del Disegno e per la Conservazione delle Opere d’Arte e dei Monumenti in Valsesia. The purpose is to “collect treasures everywhere scattered in the valley”. It

Museo Calderini

The foundation in Varallo in 1867 of a Museum of Natural History is due to the valetian priest Don Pietro Calderini, with the purpose of providing students with naturalistic material schools useful for a more effective study of scientific disciplines. The

Champorcher Tower

  Walking in the small village of Chateau, you will discover the old crenellated tower that will take you back to medieval times when the Champorcher Valley was ripped apart by a fratricidal war between Ugo and Guglielmo, the powerful


  Let yourself take part in the procession that goes up to the Retempio sanctuary dedicated to The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The mule track climbs up through chestnut trees, and passes through stone villages; the way to

Miserin and procession

  At 4 o’clock in the morning, the “Great Bell” rings to wake up the faithful. The Church is illuminated by the torches they hold as they walk in silence whilst praying: this is the experience you will have by

Champorcher Parish Church

    The peaceful churchyard in front of the Church dedicated to San Nicola will welcome you amidst the streets of the Chateau village. Rebuilt and enlarged on many occasions, the church boasts three Baroque-style carved wood altars. The scent

Gom Chapel

      Amidst the chestnut trees at the entrance into the old village Ponboset is the unusual Gom Chapel. Dedicated to the Madonna of the Snow, it houses a splendid Baroque style wood altar. Let yourself be enticed by


The complex of the Fort and the Town of Bard is the most prestigious cultural centre in the Western Alps.  Thanks to the restoration of this imposing Savoy fortress and certain areas connected to it, a project based on the


Every 5 years at 11 pm, at the end of July,  the Procession from Fontainemore to Oropa leaves from Pillaz Village. This event is one of the oldest and is rooted in the XVI century even if some scholars place


The village of San Grato, with its dwellings and pastures is another splendid example of the Walser settlement in the Lys Valley where they took advantage of the favourable exposure of this valley suspended above Issime to colonise it. An