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With an expert guide, a fascinating journey into history and art from Graines Castle, Verres Castle and Villa Castle to the majestic Savoy Castle. Numerous towers, forts and castles all to be discovered, ready to charm visitors with their olde-worlde fascination.

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Pinacoteca di Varallo


The Pinacoteca inaugurated in 1885 thanks to the efforts of the Società d’Incoraggiamento allo Studio del Disegno e per la Conservazione delle Opere d’Arte e dei Monumenti in Valsesia. The purpose is to “collect treasures everywhere scattered in the valley”. It...

Museo Calderini


The foundation in Varallo in 1867 of a Museum of Natural History is due to the valetian priest Don Pietro Calderini, with the purpose of providing students with naturalistic material schools useful for a more effective study of scientific disciplines. The...


Val d’Ayas

A poca distanza dal Castello di Verres, il Castello di Issogne è uno dei manieri da non perdere se volete farvi un’idea della storia medievale e rinascimentale della valle dell’Evançon. Appartenuto per secoli alla famiglia Challant, il castello conserva i...


Val d’Ayas - Brusson - Challand Saint Anselme

Don’t miss out on visiting Graines Castle situated on the high ground that dominates the entire area of the lower Evançon valley. This is a typical primitive defence fortress dating back to the XI century.  Appreciate the panorama of the...


Val d’Ayas - Challand Saint Victor

If you are interested in historic sites, then you should go to the ruins of what was once an important castle – the Challand Family Castle, the lords who governed the Val d’Ayas during the period in which the Val...


Val d’Ayas - Verres

Today a cultural visit which traces the medieval history of the Val d’Ayas: Verres Castle. Go with a local guide into the military block of this castle which overlooks Verres from a high rock.