Experience Monterosa

Snowpark Alpe di Mera

The new Snowpark Alpe di Mera is well worth a visit, to admire the evolutions of the riders or even try them!

To make it unique is certainly the view of Monte Rosa, but also its structure. It is suitable for the most experienced and demanding ones, but also for beginners and small skiers who want to start their evolutions with the help of a ski instructor.

The park is built following four lines of increasing difficulty.

Green line: suitable for beginners, with introductory structures to the snowpark, simple jumps, rails and boxes
Blue line: easy introductory structures to jumps, rails and easy-level boxes
Red line: structures of medium difficulty, jumps, rails and boxes of medium level, narrow and with gaps
Black line: suitable only for more experienced riders, with very difficult structures and jumps, very narrow and high rails and boxes

The Snowpark area is managed by the Snow School Alpe di Mera, and is controlled on all the days indicated for opening, with entrance control.
The use of a helmet is mandatory.