Experience Monterosa

Skiing in Alagna

Three types of Skipass for every need

In Alagna you can buy skipass valid for the entire Monterosa Ski area, which gives access to all the wonderful slopes from Alagna to Gressoney and up to Champoluc. All lifts are also included, with the exception of the Passo dei Salati-Punta Indren one.

For the most demanding and expert skiers, there is an upgrade called Monterosa Freerideparadise Skipass which, thanks to the Indren lift, guarantees access to the paradise of fresh and untouched snow and to the glacier, over 3.250 meters. This is the highest point that can be reached with the ski lifts on Monte Rosa. From this magical place an irresistible panorama opens up, which offers numerous off-piste routes medium to high difficulty.

Those who want a less extensive but very interesting experience can choose a Valsesia Skipass, which allows ski in the areas of Alagna, Wold and Alpe di Mera.

The spirit of the Mountain

Skiing in Alagna means immersing yourself in the pure spirit of the mountains: this Piedmontese town is a wild area, immersed in ​​Walser culture, where the forest dominates the views, where life flows between mountain pastures and the Sesia river. When the sky is clear, skiing here is a rare pleasure, with a view that sweeps across the entire chain of the western Alps and up to the Po valley. Cross-country ski trails run at the bottom along the Balma meadows, slipping into the woods, in a shady environment. From November the snow falls abundantly, and ski is great until late April.

The slopes of Alagna

Ski slopes in the Alagna-Valsesia area are 8 and cover 15 km with a considerable difference in altitude, which leads to skiing up to 3.030 meters. Descents are technical, fun, panoramic and exciting!

Two blue slopes are located in the stretch that goes from Passo dei Salati to Cimalegna station: their names are Cimalegna and Bodwitch. These tracks are suitable for beginners due to the slight height difference and their width. In Pianalunga there is also a baby slope, equipped with a treadmill for kids and people moving their first steps on the snow, and widely used by ski schools.

Alagna slope is a very long and sometimes challenging red slope. It offers the incredible experience of diving from 2.040 meters down to 1.100 meters in the country, a real ski to the Walser heart! Mullero is a red slope too and can be reached via the chairlift that leads to Bocchetta delle Pisse.

Mullero Competition slope also starts from Bocchetta. It’s the new black run inaugurated in the 2019/2020 winter season. The name recalls its double importance, touristic and competitive. The Mullero junction allows you to return to the starting point of the Bocchetta chairlift, while the track officially ends in Grande Halte.

Olen slope is one of the most popular tracks! It is a track that never tires, a black run for expert skiers that glides between truly exceptional views from 3.030 to 2.040 meters of altitude.