Experience Monterosa


Starting point for the best and well-known freeride itineraries, Punta Indren lift station, located at 3.275 meters of altitude, is the highest point you can reach with the ski lifts on Monte Rosa. Above the Indren and Lys glacier, rise 15 peaks above 4,000 meters, up to Punta Dufour, with its 4.634 m, and Punta Gnifetti, where Margherita Hut is located at 4.554 m.

It can be reached from Alagna in about thirty minutes of travel, using the cable car from the village to Pianalunga, at an altitude of 2.050 meters, then the first Funifor cable car up to Passo dei Salati at 2.971 meters and finally a second cable car, up to 3.275 meters.

Starting from Gressoney, you will take two cable cars and finally the Indren cable car from Passo dei Salati, a high-altitude meeting point between Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

Punta Indren is also the starting point for the mountain huts, open during the summer season, and to leave for the most famous major ascents of Monte Rosa.

The first you will meet, is Città di Mantova which can be reached in about an hour’s walk from Punta Indren. Is located at 3.498 m above sea level, on the Monte Rosa Glacier at Garstelet. To tackle these terrains, it is always necessary to contact an Alpine Guide to be accompanied or advised.

Capanna Gnifetti rises on a majestic rocky ridge at a 3.647 m altitude. We are in the heart of the glacier, which fascinates but requires preparation and expertise to be faced.

Surely one of the most popular destinations for mountain enthusiasts, Capanna Regina Margherita is the highest alpine hut in Europe. It rises on Punta Gnifetti, at an altitude of 4.554 m, and represents the history of mountaineering and the conquests on Monte Rosa. Not everyone knows that it is also one of the highest fixed observatories in the world! The path to reach it is long and entirely on ice. It requires physical preparation and competence, for this reason it must be covered exclusively with an Alpine Guide at the side.