Experience Monterosa

Pink Experience

What these “Pink Experience” actually are? They’re the activities we created to push every woman beyond her limits. Any of you can have her own goal: it could be the simple curiosity of practicing a new sport, the desire of facing a new challenge or for overcoming a fear. Our Pink Experience will let you be the strongest version of yourself: a goal to achieve with the support of the other women who will get in the game.

Ski mountaineering, trail, alpinism: we selected activities that could be inspiring and challenging. During each of our Pink Experience you can find the strength, the smile, the kindness of amazing women: for this very first edition are with us Laetitia Roux, undisputed queen of ski mountaineering, Lisa Borzani, an embarrassing number of km in her legs and winners for 2 years in row of Tor des Géants, Anna Monari, engineer who become a mountain guide and choose our mountains and the glacier as her office.


On air now for winter 2019/2020:
Pink Experience Ski Mountaineering
Pink Experience Freeride
Pink Experience Ice Climbing
Pink Experience Weekend Skimo & Freeride

During summer 2019 we brought girls to:
Pink Experience My first 4.000 peak
Pink Experience Mountain Trail
Pink Experience Trail Lab Tour des Six
Pink Experience Capanna Margherita Hut