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Pend’Olen Experience

Find the most exciting experience of the Alps in Alagna Valsesia!

Pend’Olen is a new, breathtaking attraction in a unique setting.

How does it work? After booking, you must first reach Pianalunga for your briefing with the Alagna Alpine Guides.

They will be with you throughout the experience, to assist you and guide you with competence and professionalism!

Secured and ready, you’ll take the cable car working on the Pianalunga-Passo dei Salati route. The cabin will arrive close to the rocky wall of Cimalegna, where you’ll stop, at an altitude of about 2.600 meters.

From here you’ll be lowered by your Guides onto a platform fixed right on the rock. When they are ready you will let yourself go, in a thrilling flight over the valley!

What will you experience in flight? A unique feeling of freedom, a powerful adrenaline rush.

Pend’Olen is the first in Europe to patent this oscillation technique!




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