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Mera Fun Parks

Alpe di Mera is an enchanted mountain place. A small village without cars, at 1.500 meters above sea level, with the most beautiful view of Monte Rosa that Valsesia offers. Here children can run and play safely. Parents or grandparents can accompany them and spend pleasant days thanks to the splendid sun exposure and the low altitude.

A new playground was the hot news of summer 2020: an area entirely dedicated to the little explorers of Monte Rosa! It’s open, with little changes for some games, even during the winter season, to let fun on the snow too.

A few steps from the arrival station of the Mera chairlift, you will find a real fun village, built with wooden structures. Perfect for those looking for play, nature and relaxation in the summer, great for those who want to enjoy the mountains in winter even without skiing.

There are swings, slides, rope walls, small Tibetan bridges to cross and a large pirate ship to explore. The raft to cross the pond can only be used during the summer season, but in winter it is worthily replaced by a safe bobsled area with free access.

To reach it, just take the road that crosses the center of Mera, and reach the ski lift area. It is a dirt path, snow-covered but beaten in winter, wide and flat, suitable for everyone, which will take you to the park in about 15 minutes.

Next to the games you will find the Campo Bar and Restaurant, with an internal room and a large wooden terrace. It overlooks right where children play and is perfect for watching them, or for a snack with them while they catch their breath! Continuing a few more steps you will find La Casera Bianca, a farmhouse at altitude surrounded by animals and nature!

For the summer season 2021 playgrounds become two, including a new recreational-educational path and a mascot to guide children into discoveries!

Meraviglio, the explorer squirrel, has unearthed a new wooden fun village in the Boschetto area. It will take some time to make it accessible to everyone, but let’s say that it expects to be able to do so around the middle of July. Here is his project, and the map he is completing to guide the little explorers!

Who is Meraviglio and what does his story tell?

“Like so many places in the world, Alpe di Mera also takes its name from the explorer who discovered it, Meraviglio the squirrel. In ancient times, when nature was so wild as to make the territory impenetrable, a creature small enough to he could get into it without difficulty, sifted through this land, certain that he was hiding something interesting from him. But his small size was not the only advantage of Meraviglio: he could climb the tallest trees, up to twenty meters, and jump almost flying. This made him a perfect explorer, only he could do it!

And so it was that after years of research, his suspicion was confirmed: the remains of an ancient civilization had been completely hidden by the vegetation, but he had found them. Let’s say, what a strange civilization must have been.. a large ship next to a small lake, a raft, strange communication systems, tribal masks, underground tunnels and rope bridges.. certainly they were very skilled builders, but also navigators, and above all they loved have fun. But what did they want to do with their original secret passages, forts and boats? This Meraviglio never managed to find out, but perhaps you can do it, together with his great-grandchildren of course, who still roam these woods in an attempt to complete the search. If looking up you see one of them sneaking up the trunk of a tree, call him: “Meraviglioo?”, And surely you will become great friends of exploration! “