Experience Monterosa

Mera farm to table

Taste all the flavors of Alpe di Mera, in the menu at high altitude or to take home.

The meadows of Mera in summer are pastures for the animals of Valsesia. Among them are cows, goats and sheep.

This environment, green, wide, rich in nourishment and the pure air, make their milk truly exceptional. Who works in transforming and offering products on their menu is La Casera Bianca farmhouse.

Antonietta really knows how to enhance the fresh and aged cheeses that her family produces, but also the spontaneous herbs that grow here, seasonal fruit and meat.

Everything is strictly farm to table, from Mera to Mera!

La Casera Bianca’s products are also on sale, if you prefer to stock up to enjoy these flavors even at home! Just ask what the day offers!