Experience Monterosa

Aperitif in Mera

Enjoy the colors of the sunset on Monte Rosa, with a good aperitif at high altitude!

Alpe di Mera in summer and winter is an excellent alternative to a city aperitif.

You can choose to end a day spent at high altitude among the many activities available, including sport, nature and fun. Or you can reach the village on purpose for the Golden Hour, with the chair lift from Scopello or by car.

From Mera the view on Monte Rosa is unique and you’ll get amazed by the shades you’ll see!

Bar al Boschetto has always been a place of rendezvous and celebration for those Mera’ lovers. The atmosphere is sparkling and always accompanied by good music. Campo Bar and Restaurant always has original proposals for his customers. At the farmhouse La Casera Bianca instead, the aperitif is genuine, made with local and fresh ingredients!