Experience Monterosa

The peak of Monte Rosa: Dufour Summit

Reaching the summit, you known, is the dream of many. But this is an experience for the few!

The way to reach Punta Dufour is really long and difficult. You need experience, competence and excellent athletic training to face it. That’s why to contact an Alpine Guide, who will be able to evaluate your wishes and your preparation. He will propose the most suitable and safe itinerary for you, and guide you along.

Starting from Punta Indren cable car station, at 3.275 meters above sea level, you will have over 1.370 meters of altitude to face on the glacier. Once you leave the most beaten track leading to the Regina Margherita hut, the route becomes more demanding. Inclination increases and exposed and aerial rocks follow each other with third degree passages.

Considering the travel times, in many cases it is decided to stay overnight at the Margherita Hut, to have rest and face the most demanding part the next day.

The 4.634 meters of the summit are worth the adventure for those who have skills, training and do not suffer from vertigo!