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Tokji’s Village

A funny hamlet for kids, in the heart of Monte Rosa!

Tokji’s village is a real funny hamlet, made up of houses, swings, slides, small rope walls to climb and many other games!

It is located in Pianalunga, at 2.046 meters above sea level, and can be reached with the lifts from Alagna in just over 10 minutes. The wooden structures are immersed in the green flowering meadows and pastures, in the same flat area where Giro-Tondo with Tokji is set up. Behind you, the highest and white peaks of Monte Rosa rise in the green of the nature.

If you don’t know Tokji, the little elf living in Alagna, we now present it to you!

It is said that since ancient times a mischievous goblin named Tokji has been wandering in the village of Alagna. The little creature has the ability to become invisible and to make invisible even the objects he touches. He is a prankster who enjoys hiding the things we need and making them reappear when we least expect it. Today our wily friend rarely wanders the country because he prefers to be in the mountains in the open air. He has found allies in his animal friends to spite!

This village is his home, and he will take you there if you follow his directions.

You can choose to reach it after completing the Tokji’s ring route, or just climb up to Pianalunga to play all day. Along the ring you will discover Tokji’s world and his animal friends, with many curiosities about the flora and fauna of the local mountain environment. You will meet Tubing, the crazy slide to run with inflatable donuts, and enjoy a tasty experience in one of the huts located at Alpe Seewji.

Reaching Tokji and playing in his village is an excellent idea to spend a magical day with the whole family!

Access is free.