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Angelo Mosso Scientific Institute

Angelo Mosso Scientific Institute is a historic research center at 2.901 meters above sea level.

Angelo Mosso was its creator, professor of physiology at the University of Turin from 1879 to 1910.

Its construction had the aim of supporting the activities of the highest Regina Margherita Hut. The inauguration of the Institute took place in 1907. Over the years it has given support to scholars who could stay here even for long periods while conducting their research activities.

In fact, researchers from all over the world soon began to frequent it and carry out there important studies of physiology, geology, glaciology and meteorology.

In 2000 a fire destroyed its structure almost completely, but the reconstruction was rapid and supported by national and international funds. Already in 2006 the work was complete, and the Institute resumed its activity.

Nowaday the research continues, together with didactic activities.

Reaching Angelo Mosso Institute is easy. The lifts from Alagna and Gressoney take up to Passo dei Salati, at 2.936 meters above sea level. From here starts a simple, wide and indicated path on dirt and rocky terrain, which in about 15 minutes leads directly to the entrance door.

The rooms inside house ancient measuring instruments, research results, but also everything that guests needed to live there.




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