Experience Monterosa

Capanna Margherita, the highest hut in Europe!

The climb to the Margherita Hut is one of the most desired and exciting experiences for expert mountain lovers!

The starting point, both for those who access the ski lifts from Alagna and from Gressoney, is the arrival of the Punta Indren cable car, at 3.275 meters above sea level. From here, Monte Rosa begins to reveal itself in all its graeatness! You can see the first peaks over 4.000 meters, and the climbers walking to reach them, becoming smaller and smaller to the eye of the beholder.

But it is only the beginning of a long and difficult adventure, to be faced with the assistance of an Alpine Guide, and typically in two days. During the first day you’ll reach the Gnifetti Hut, at 3.647 meters above sea level, or the Città di Mantova Hut, at 3.498 meters above sea level. Here you’ll spend the night, to complete the climb the next morning.

On the way, the peaks surround you like giants! A unique experience of immersion in a wild and unspoiled nature, hard and attractive at the same time.

Once at the top you need to catch your breath, and the best way is certainly while admiring the view from one of the famous balconies of the Hut. From a height of 4.554 meters, the view sweeps from the dizzying south face of Monte Rosa, over Alagna and all of Valsesia.

The trip to Capanna Margherita is a challenge with ourselves, a test of endurance, a desire to satisfy, a sudden emotion. It’s a journey through one’s personal history and above all an irrational and irrepressible adventure.

Living it with awareness and prudence is as important as reaching the summit. For this reason, the experience of an Alpine Guide is essential along alpine routes like this!