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Trim trail in Mera

A trim trail is a circuit in the countryside, which includes several workout stations.

Each indicates an exercise, to be performed with free body or with the equipment present on site. Usually these are bars, poles, benches, steps. A sign explains in each station how to exercise and how many times. You usually reach the next station walking or running, to intensify the activity.

This training strengthens the cardiovascular system and allows you to burn many calories!

It involves all body areas, is balanced and suitable for everyone, children, adults, the elderly, athletes and sedentaries, because it allows you to adjust frequency, intensity and quantity according to your abilities.

Isn’t it exceptional to find one at high altitude in Mera?

Here the workstations and tools are truly immersed in nature, but also surrounded by walks, activities, services and within walking distance of an exciting view of Monte Rosa!

To reach it, follow the instructions that you will find in the maps distributed in Mera, or in those displayed on the notice boards.