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Gressoney Saint Jean – circular walks

In Gressoney Saint Jean we have several opportunities for trails, there are many circular loop paths that will make you discover the most beautiful corners where you will find  breathtaking views.

There are eight walks that we propose, here are the paths that you can take:

Trail nr 3 – Alpe Ranzola Inferiore – Walser Waeg Alpe Staller

A classic trail that climbs to Colle Ranzola, connecting with Val d’Ayas to return to Gressoney with a stretch of the Walser Weg.

Departure from Biel Superiore taking the path nr 3 which climbs with a wide curves path in the woods. It comes out on the meadows of the Ranzola Inferiore alp, from here a magnificent view of the Rosa massif; leave path no. 3 taking the Walser Weg to the right which passes under the Ranzola Inferiore alp and traverse with ups and downs towards the head of the valley. This leads to Alpe Staller where you take path 4 which returns to Saint Jean in the hamlet of Onderwoald.

difference in altitude: 1000 mt travel time: 3 ore


Cialvrina- Weissmatten – Ranzola – Cialvrina

A trail that starts from one of the most evocative hamlets of Saint Jean, suspended over the valley, with an ancient core of typical stadel and rascard.

It starts at the end of the paved road that climbs to the Cialvrina Superiore huts. Continue beyond the barrier until you find path no. 2 which with a steep stretch enters towards the Weissmatten ski slopes; continue emerging on more open terrain to arrive at the upper station of the Wisssmatten chairlift near the Mollino Refuge, a building designed by the famous Turin architect. Continue following path 3A which soon reaches the suggestive meadows of Wissomatto (Prato Bianco) from where, turning to the right, you go up to the nearby Belvedere collar. You go down a more inaccessible stretch and cross the side of the mountain taking you under the Punta Regina with the presence of small lakes. You reach Colle Ranzola overlooking the Estoul basin and the Val d’Ayas.

The return takes place first on path nr 3; when the path re-enters the wood below the pastures of the Ranzola Inferiore Alp, turn right into Walser Weg which first goes up and down and then with a steep descent takes you back to the starting point of Alpe Cialvrina Superiore.

difference in altitude: 500 m travel time: 3 ore

Valdobbia – Colle Valdobbia – Colle Valdibbiola – Rong

A super classic excursion with ascent to Colle Valdobbia and the Sottile hospice, an ancient connection with Valsesia.

From Valdobbia take path 11 for Colle Valdobbia; the first part is steep but shaded, then you come out in the upper part of the valley where the slopes decrease and the ground becomes more open. You pass near the lower and upper Cialfrezzo pastures and reach the Colle and the Sottile Hospice with a last steeper stretch. Go down a short stretch towards Valsesia paying attention to a deviation on the left (path 1B) which crosses a steep stretch. Enters a small valley which on stony ground leads to the Colle di Valdobbiola. From the Colle take path 9a to the left which descends through grassy valleys. You reconnect with path 9 near Schenebie and touching the Valdobbiola Superiore and Inferiore pastures you return to Saint Jean in the hamlet of Rong. From here you can return to the village following the path that runs along the left bank of the Lys river.

difference in altitude: 1300 m travel time: 5 ore

Valdobbia Valle Principi – Hoberg Valdobbia

A very beautiful trail that reaches one of the most evocative places in the Gressoney valley, the Valle dei Principi with its lakes and pools.

Departure from the hamlet of Valdobbia with a first stretch in the steep wood on path 11. In short, you turn right on path 11 b which you keep until you come out on a less steep and more open land passing near Alpe Potzie and then of the alpe Scherpia. You enter a small valley arriving at the upper Scherpia alp and from here you go down to the lakes formed by the stream. Follow the whole valley on the right of the stream towards the valley with a path that is not always evident until you take path 11A which descends on the Upper and Lower Hoberg alps. From here, you will shortly be connected to the ascent route returning to Valdobbia with path no.11.

difference in altitude: 800 m travel time: 5 ore

Gressoney – Ciastelaz – Iazza – Walser waeg – Valnera

A highly scenic itinerary with sweeping views of Monte Rosa and departure from the center of Gressoney.

From the area of ​​Lake Gover, take path 4a first to  Tschachtalaz and then to  Iazza where you meet the Walser Weg track. Take this path to the right and with continuous ups and downs you will arrive at the Alpe Valnera Inferiore. Take the steep path 5 downhill and return to saint Jean arriving in the town center.

difference in altitude: 700 metri travel time: 4 ore

Schmetto – Alpenzu grande – Alpenzu piccolo – Lysbalma – Rong – Gressoney Saint Jean

Very suggestive itinerary, with historical and panoramic value. We touch the villages of Alpenzu Grande and Piccolo, jewels of Walser architecture and one of the first settlements of this population in the Gresoney valley.

Departure from the hamlet of Schmetto with the path nr1; you go up with hairpin bends in the wood passing near some monumental plants; out of the woods you reach the hamlet of Alpenzu Grande, a grandiose balcony on Monte Rosa, where you can admire buildings of the typical Walser architecture dating back to the thirteenth century. From here you take the Walser Weg (W) which, with an ups and downs, takes you towards the head of the valley, touching the pastures of Eebe, Hobelte and arriving at Alpenzu Piccolo. You always continue on the Walser Weg path until you reach path 10A which descends on the hamlet of Lysbalba where you cross the regional road and begin the descent towards Saint Jean first on a dirt road (nr 14; above the hamlet of Ecko it becomes a path always marked by Nr 14. With a highly panoramic trail you reach the hamlet of Biela and from here to the hamlet of Rong. Descend towards the hamlet of Chemonal from where you return to the starting point.

difference in altitude: 600 metri travel timea: 4 ore

Ring Passeggiata della Regina – Strada Lombarda

A ring with very little height difference, practically flat, located just above the valley floor that runs along and sometimes crosses the central area of ​​the town, of great historical / architectural and landscape interest.

Starting from the area of ​​Lake Gover, take the Queen’s path behind the lake (nr1) which, with a slight ups and downs, first leads to the suggestive Underwoald waterfall and then reaches the Savoy Castle, the ancient residence of Queen Margherita. Continue following the marker Nr1 which passes through the hamlet of Obre Biel and then descends towards the Weissmatten area. Cross the bridge and go up a stretch of about 500 meters until you reach the Sport Haus on the north side of which the path of the Strada Lombarda starts and returns to the town. You pass in the hamlet of Valdobbia and cross a characteristic stone bridge passing near the hamlet of Predeloasch. In short you arrive at the Villa Margherita, another sumptuous residence of the Queen, today the seat of the municipality of Gressoney Saint Jean. Continue for a few hundred meters to the center of the village where you cross the Lys on the bridge of the square / parking, following the dirt road (nr14) that runs alongside the Lys stream. Immediately after the Electric power station, turn left to reach the hamlet of Chemonal, cross it and take the Queen’s Path (nr15) which, with a beautiful stretch immersed in the woods, brings you back to the center of the village and Lake Gover, point of departure.

difference in altitude: 100 metri travel time: 2/3 ore

Valdobbia – Colle Valdobbia – Colle di Loo

A long loop crossing,a grandiose trail that borders on Valsesia along two valleys among the most beautiful in the Alps, the Maccagno valley and the Loo valley.

Departure from Valdobbia, the first part of the itinerary is common with itinerary nr 3 up to Colle Valdobbia and the Ospizio Sottile. From here you descend with the snetiero nr into the valley until you reach the hamlet of Alpe Montata and soon after the Napoleonic brige; from here you turn right into the valley of Maccagno (nr 5). The last stretch to Colle del Maccagno winds through a suggestive environment made up of slabs of rock. You go down on stony ground on the Loo plains and take path nr 12 towards the valley which soon leads to the beautiful hamlet of Loo Superiore, then descends on Loo Inferiore and Bodma. A stretch in the stone-paved wood leads to the hamlet of Loomatten from which you can return to the starting point.

difference in altitude: 2000 metri travel time: 8 ore