Experience Monterosa

Giro Tondo with Tokji

It is a fun ring itinerary dedicated to the little explorers of Monte Rosa and their adult companions*.

The route begins in Pianalunga, right at the arrival of the gondola lift that departs from Alagna, and plunges into the magical world of Tokji and his friends.
It is about 1.5 km long and can be traveled on foot or by mountain bike. Tokji will always be with you and will give you all the information to follow him! Seven panels are located along the ring, to guide you and explain the characteristics of the environment and its inhabitants. All suitable for children!

You’ll know Tokji’s friends, including marmots, ibexes and cows. You will learn the name of the peaks that you can admire from the panoramic points and you will discover how much life there is in the stream that crosses the path. You will meet games, thematic spots, huts but above all nature. This is the way to rediscover all the sensations that Monte Rosa offers.
A unique and healthy experience to share with the whole family!

But who is Tokji?

It is said that since ancient times a mischievous goblin named Tokji has been wandering in the village of Alagna. The little creature has the ability to become invisible and to make invisible even the objects he touches. He is a prankster who enjoys hiding the things we need and making them reappear when we least expect it. Today our wily friend rarely wanders the country because he prefers to be in the mountains in the open air. He has found allies in his animal friends to spite!

Can you find all the games and the seven panels that he likes to hide?

To get to Tokji you need a ticket to get to Pianalunga. Ask at the Alagna ticket office about it and the route map! Download the map here!


* Giro-Tondo with Tokji is not suitable for prams and strollers. The path is available from 1 June to 18 September.