Experience Monterosa


“The power of powder”

Freeride is to go where no one has ever gone before, Freeride is to ride a wave that every moment is different and will never be the same as you have ridden it, Freeride is to go down into a wood deciding at the last moment the trajectory to follow , freeride is leaving a trace on an untouched snow slope that is the signature of who you really are”  Martino Colonna, Freeride, 2012

Alagna is a reference point for off-piste skiing and snowboarding lovers, so much so that it is known worldwide as Freeride Paradise.

Technical and adrenaline-pumping freeride descents develop along 4,000 meters in altitude, between channels and wide slopes of powdery snow. An activity that requires preparation and excellent knowledge of the area. For this reason, the Alpine Guides are the essential reference for practicing it safely.

In these places, merge with nature is deep.

Punta Indren: the starting point of the Freeride itineraries

It’s one of the most panoramic points, with its 3,275 meters of altitude, and represents the highest point that can be reached with the ski lifts on Monte Rosa on the border between the Gressoney Valley and Valsesia, between Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. From this magical place, in addition to an irresistible panorama, the most famous freeride itineraries also open up. A true paradise for those who are experts and who practice it, who never get bored due to the variety of landscapes and intensity of the experience.

You may know some of these names: the Balma, a breathtaking descent into the beautiful valley from where the Sesia river originates, or the Malfatta, the best-known channel in the Alps. These are just two of the many names that you will hear and try by consulting the Alpine Guides. to them in your experience!

Safety first

Off-piste skiing and snowboarding cannot be practiced without a deep knowledge of the technique, of the territory and without the right equipment. It is an activity that requires passion, competence and preparation that only Alpine Guides can have. For this it is always necessary to contact these splendid mountain professionals!