Experience Monterosa

Via Ferrata Cimalegna

An exciting path on a fully equipped rocky ridge.

The via ferrata Cimalegna can be reached with the ski lifts from Alagna. The cable car will take you up to Pianalunga, at 2.046 meters above the sea level. From here you need to continue on foot, up to Bocchetta delle Pisse, where the route begins.

It is a middle ground between hiking and mountaineering, also suitable for children. To travel it however, you must always have the right equipment and experience. For this reason it is suggested to contact the Alpine Guides of Alagna. They will be able to give you information on the actual conditions, difficulty, and guide you if you need it.

Sharp ridges, vertical walls and a suspended Tibetan bridge are the most exciting features of this splendid itinerary. Monte Rosa massif dominates during the ascent, you can observe it in all its majesty!

The overall development is about 800 meters, with an uphill difference in height of about 300 meters. The degree of difficulty is high if you follow the red path, medium along the blue one. Recommended time of year to deal with it is from May to October.