Experience Monterosa

Hiking to Mera

The most active way to reach Mera is hiking from Scopello.

In about two hours walking you can enjoy the spectacle of nature that transforms itself to suit to the altitude. From the Sesia river that crosses Scopello, you will pass through beech and fir forests. At the end the green and wide pastures of Mera open to you, surrounded by blueberry and rhododendron shrubs.

The path begins immediately at the left of the road leading to the chairlift station, at 659 meters above sea level. Before arriving in Mera you will meet Alpe La Sacca, at 770 meters above sea level, Alpe Le Mollie, at 995 meters and finally Pian Rastò, at about 1.160 meters above sea level. There are still 400 meters of altitude to climb to reach the village. But the path is pleasant and simple and while you are intent on observing the landscape and listening to the sounds of plants and animals, you will quickly arrive at your destination.

There are so many activities to do at altitude!

But you can also choose for some good relaxation time after the walk, and maybe for a tasty lunch in a hut.

If instead you want to access the highest walking itineraries or cycle paths, you can reach Mera by chairlift or by car.

We advise you to check the conditions of the path before starting the journey, by contacting the Tourist Offices in the area.