Experience Monterosa


The effervescent air of the cold winter mornings, the sound of the water coursing along the Ayasse muffled by the snow and nothing else apart from the tracks that silently twist and turn amidst the larch and spruce woods.  The Champorcher cross-country route is a 5 Km circuit scaling the north side of Monpey, between steep climbs and descents. This technical slope has acted as the training ground for numerous champions not just in cross-country skiing but also biathlon.  A couple of examples are Francesca Baudin and Nicole Gontier.

However, don’t worry!  There is a small 3 Km circuit which is perfect for aspiring cross-country skiers that allows you to easily acquire and practise the basic techniques!

Indirizzo: loc. Vignat 18 – 11020 Champorcher (AO)