Experience Monterosa

Cimetta Rossa

Stunning itinerary in the heart of the Mont Avic Nature Park amidst the forests, alpine dairies, refuges and large meadows.

When arriving on the Chardonney-Laris cable car, you descend slightly along the Laris plain before you come across the ruins of some huts. When you reach the return slope you have to descend for around fifty metres before turning right when you see the clearly visible green pole.

From here begins the real track which is well signposted and poled. After having crossed a quiet grove that takes you to the race slope, you continue along the track until you reach two wooden bridges which you cross to go back up towards the Dondena Valley. At this point on a clear day you will find yourselves immersed in the beautiful amphitheatre of Dondena and the Mont Avic Nature Park. Crossing the meadows where the herds of animals graze in the summer, you can admire the major peaks of the Champorcher Valley; the Bec Raty, the Gran Rossa, the Mont Glacier, and the Mont Delà are just some of the summits you can see. You then continue on the farm road until you reach the Dondena Mountain Refuge. From here, in addition to seeing the Cimetta Rossa and the clearly marked track to follow to arrive at the end of the itinerary, you can stop to admire the other mountains that form the crown of the Miserin Sanctuary: the Torre Ponton, the Bec Costazza, the Rosa Dei Banchi and the numerous passes that connect Champorcher to Cogne, Fenis and Pian Prato in Piedmont.

Arriving at Cimetta Rossa you will see the ski resort. Take off your skins before you begin the descent on the well prepared and groomed slopes. Returning to Laris, after a well-deserved refreshment break in one of the two bars in the ski resort, you can decide if you wish to go down on the cableway or continue skiing down to the town on the return slope.

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