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Cima d’Ometto

On the way to one of the most popular places in Mera.

Reaching Cima d’Ometto is on the list of activities to be completed for anyone who chooses Mera.

What makes this place special goes beyond the splendid view of Monte Rosa, which characterizes the whole Alp. In fact, three ridges branch off from this top: the north that divides Mera from Meggiana, the east and west divide Valsesia and the Dolca Valley, located in the mountain area around Biella.

Ometto is a panoramic border between the Provinces of Vercelli and Biella!

From the arrival of the Scopello-Mera chairlift, the route heads towards the church Madonna della Neve and reaches the plateau at Alpe Campo. From here it continues in moderate climb among rhododendron bushes, up to the Colma dei Lavaggi, at 1.720 meters above sea level. The path now follows the edge of the ridge and finally reaches Cima d’Ometto, at 1.911 meters above sea level. At the top you will find a pyramidal stone construction that gives the name to the summiy, on which stands an iron cross.

If you choose to leave from Pila, and reach the Alpe di Mera on foot first, walking time will be approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you leave from Mera, the time to reach the summit is just over an hour.

We always advise you to check the status of the path before going along it, by contacting the Tourist Offices in the area. You will find the closest one at Scopello.