Experience Monterosa


A dinner at high altitude at Alpe di Mera? A unique experience.

Give yourself the opportunity to extend the excitement of a day in the snow and to fully enjoy the indisputable charm of the winter mountains.

Dinners at high altitude are a real journey through traditional flavours, an opportunity to taste typical dishes such as polenta with local meet, cold cuts and cheeses accompanied by local wines. Without forgetting the unmissable sweets and liqueurs typical of the Piedmontese alpine areas!

Magic is assured

A particular and suggestive dinner in the moonlight, at the mountain huts, can be the special ingredient for an unforgettable holiday. Some restaurants organize them regularly, while in others they are special scheduled events. In any case, a reservation is required, so the best way to get all the details, dates, menus and know how to reach them is certainly to contact them directly. You can find them all in the restaurant page. Dinners are often combined with evening snowshoeing, with expert hiking guides.

Once you arrive, all you have to do is remove your boots, gloves, jacket and sit at the table surrounded by the warmth of the fireplace and embraced by the magic of the night of Monte Rosa!